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Would you like to test your vocabulary, fluency, and grammar at the same time?  Then present yourself!

Start with yourself – your name, age, hobbies, job

Then take one step outside yourself – your family, your home town/country, your pets, your neighbourhood

Then take another step – Your friends, their jobs, their families, their jobs, etc.

You may find that the subjects that are further from yourself are more difficult to talk about.  Remember to start small.  You can talk about your responsibilities at work, but perhaps it is too difficult right now to talk about your friends‘ responsibilities – don’t worry!  Research, study, and learn.

When you are an advanced speaker, you will be able to talk about things which are globally-reaching: environmental issues, world politics, and so on.  For now, however, focus on the personal, and take baby steps.

Good luck, and let me know how you get on.


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