A Challenge

This week, instead of posting resources, I’m going to set you a challenge.

Narrative Tenses

When you are telling a story, you should be using past tenses to do it.  How many past tenses do you know? *

Your teacher can tell you more about these tenses.  The challenge is to write a story, using one or more of these tenses.  How will you do it?  You can start by thinking about what you did last week, for example.  Or you can pretend you are a character in your favourite book or film.  Or you can go completely freestyle and make something up!

As with any challenge, it is not whether you fail or succeed, but what you learn along the way.  You may learn, for example, that you do not know the rules well enough to be able to use them, or perhaps that you know the rules but you keep getting the structures wrong.  In the former case, you now know that you should revise the rules, and in the latter case the structures.

Go for it and good luck!

* past simple „I did“, past progressive „I was doing“, past perfect „I had done“, past perfect progressive „I had been doing“

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